Vision PSYCHO STICK Modern Concave Black stain DECK - 10.0"

Vision PSYCHO STICK Modern Concave Black stain DECK - 10.0"

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PSYCHO STICK: Here comes one of the best selling and most influential skateboard decks of the ’80s, the Vision Psycho Stick, in a blue stain. Its radical cut and screaming graphic continues to inspire old and upcoming brands to this day. 

This version features a modern concave with a nose kick, while keeping the original shape and dimensions. Its hole pattern is now “new school” to accommodate modern trucks.

The Psycho Stick has a wide squared tail with a rather short nose. A beefy midbody provides lots of space for your front foot, while the back is tapered. Psycho Stick’s truly unique cut can’t be mistaken for any other board. The wheelbase stays at 15″ for comfort and confidence in bowls, while staying nimble. 


Grab yourself a “Totally Nuts” piece of history, updated to suit the needs of modern skaters, and rip any terrain with it. With a modern concave and generations of history behind the board, any city is your playground. 



  • L: 29.75″ W: 10″ WB: 15″
  • Modern concave
  • New school hole pattern
  • Iconic cut and graphic
  • Made in U.S.A.